About the Brass

We at The Pulled Trigger are pleased to announce that we now have premium once-fired brass for sale!

The brass is collected from an indoor range which stipulates that only ammunition purchased at that range may be fired. This means that we can reasonably guarantee that our brass is once-fired, and has never been dug up from the dirt.

After collection, the brass is wet tumbled to clean the inside and outside of the case. No annealing chemicals are used so as to prevent any damage to the brass.

After wet tumbling, the brass is then dried and tumbled in a dry walnut polish blend leaving the brass as shiny as possible.

To cater to the pickier customers we have, we are not longer sizing or depriming the brass before sale. This can be done upon request for a fee.

We also only sort SOME calibers by headstamp. Many of our calibers are not pre-sorted according to headstamp, but can be sorted prior to purchase at your request for a fee.

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